Tony and Betty Wolf

World Concertina Congress - WCC

Tony and Betty Wolf
Hall of Fame – 1977

Tony and Betty Wolf

Tony Wolf started concertina at the age of 13, Betty Wolf started music at about the same age. They both played the guitar, piano, and concertina. They were on the radio, KASM in Albany, Minnesota for 24 years. Their band, The Deutschmeister Band was together for 25 years.

They taught the concertina for 25 years and played over 1,300 engagements during the period, 1955-1977. They recorded 16 LPs and tapes. Eight of their concertina students became bandleaders and teachers and four of their children play the concertina.

They composed and copyrighted 12 original concertina arrangements and arranged over 200 other concertina tunes.

In 1956, they published a simplified beginner’s concertina instruction book which was sold by dealers and teachers nationally. The book sold thousands and was designed for younger students who were too young to read and was an excellent tool for students wanting to self-learn the concertina.

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