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USConcertina.com is brought to you by the United States Concertina Association (“USCA”), an organization that is devoted to the promotion and preservation of the chemnitzer concertina and related musical instruments from the bellows-driven, free-reed family. The association’s vision is to support the members of local concertina clubs and independent concertina musicians; to further the exchange of information and cooperation in and between local concertina clubs; to develop a better appreciation of, and respect for, the concertina by the public; to encourage concertina musicians to improve their musical skills and abilities; and to improve the fellowship and support that is shared within the concertina musician community across the entire United States.

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The site features an extensive library of free sheet music, self-instruction materials, a collection of nostalgic and historic information, and some technical essentials for the chemnitzer musician. You will also find information on chemnitzer concertina clubs, honorary organizations, people associated with the instrument, a brief history of the chemnitzer, a data base of select manufacturer records and much more.

All of the arrangements in the sheet music library feature special notation for the chemnitzer concertina. Though the music has been arranged for this particular instrument, many professional and amateur musicians who play other musical instruments also enjoy the use of these compositions. Visitors find this website a valuable resource for both popular and hard to find polkas, waltzes, obereks, fox trots and other styles of old-time music.

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