WCC Governance

The World Concertina Congress is governed through by-laws and policies as established by the organization. The World Concertina Congress transparently presents these documents here for review and use by members and visitors.

The volunteer, member-elected leadership of the World Concertina Congress include chemnitzer concertina musicians and those who enjoy the music from this musical instrument. We thank them for their service and dedication to the organization.

Please contact any of the officers listed below for questions about the World Concertina Congress, the Hall of Fame, or the Certificate of Appreciation.

Jon Dietz

Vice President
Joe Fojtik

Andrew Grawien

Michael Noegel

Andrew Grawien
Shirley Johnson
Ron Lech
Vincent Lech
Al Mickelson
Bryan O’Donnell
Jim Paprocki
Richard Piontkowski
Mark Schroeder
Dave Sienicki
Matt Wundrow
Ken Yagelski
Paul Ziegler


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