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Ebel, Chris

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Musician
  • Bands: Polka Family

Chris Ebel; 2023

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Ebel, Craig Joseph (1963 – )

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Musician, Promoter
  • Bands: Roger Bright Band, Polka Pounders, John Filipczak and The Classics, Joey Miskulin, Myron Floren, Dick Contino, Frank Yankovic, Mrozinski Brothers Aleatoric Ensemble, Chmielewski Funtime
  • Honors: World Concertina Congress Hall of Fame (2016), International Polka Association – Certificate Of Appreciation for radio promotion (1992), United Polka Association – Special Recognition Award for radio promotion (1998), Minnesota Music Academy – Best Polka Band: Mrozinski Brothers (1987)

Craig Ebel; undated Craig Ebel; undated

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Eckes, Tom (1952 – 2022)

  • New Berlin, Wisconsin
  • Musician
  • Bands: Jeannie and Her Polka Katz
  • Honors: World Concertina Congress Hall of Fame (2017)

Tom Eckes; 2012

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Else, Harold

  • Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin
  • Musician

Harold Else; 2002

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Elsnic, Joseph P.

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Composer, Musician, Retailer (Pearl Queen Concertina)
  • Honors: World Concertina Congress Hall of Fame (1976)
  • Detailed Biography

Joseph Elsnic; undated

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Enabnit, Jeannie

  • Glencoe, Minnesota
  • Musician, Promoter (Concertina Connection Newsletter)

Jeannie Enabnit; 2007 Jeannie Enabnit; 2007

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Erickson, Brian

  • Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
  • Musician, Innovator (Jazz Concertinist)

Brian Erickson; undated

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Erickson PhD, Gary

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Musician, Promoter (Videographer, see YouTube Channel)

Gary Erickson; 2009

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Ewert, Bill

  • Wausau, Wisconsin
  • Musician
  • Bands: Harmony Heros

Bill Ewert; 2009

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