United States Concertina Association - USCAThe United States Concertina Association was founded in 2010 to provide fellow musicians with a virtual fraternal organization that is truly nationwide, and to provide a means to give helpful assistance to local concertina clubs and individual musicians as well. While the primary musical instrument supported by the USCA is the chemnitzer concertina, the association also recognizes the importance of supporting all other related musical instruments from the bellows-driven, free-reed family.


The United States Concertina Association exists to:

  • Support the members of local concertina clubs and independent concertina musicians;
  • Further the exchange of information and cooperation in and between local concertina clubs;
  • Develop a better appreciation of, and respect for, the concertina by the public;
  • Encourage concertina musicians to improve their musical skills and abilities; and
  • Improve the fellowship and support that is shared within the concertina musician community across the entire United States.