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Certificate of Appreciation

The World Concertina Congress proudly awards a Certificate of Appreciation to persons or groups who have shown exceptional dedication to the chemnitzer concertina, its music, or its musicians.

WCC members are entitled to submit a Portable Document Format Certificate of Appreciation Nomination Form for consideration. Instructions and requirements are described on the form.

Certificate of Appreciation Recipients are shown in the following list:

20. 05-20-2023 Greg Drust
19. 02-27-2023 Jimmy Reit
18. 01-28-2023 Art Ohotto
17. 01-24-2022 Don Wintrone
16. 10-09-2021 Don Teffer
15. 09-04-2021 Andy Kochanski
14. 07-17-2021 Tom Stasiak
13. 06-23-2021 Elaine Ritzka
12. 08-04-2020 Jim Bogdon
11. 07-29-2019 Gene Schwartz
10. 06-22-2019 Lori Wagner
09. 05-03-2019 Cicero Concertina Circle
08. 11-20-2018 Ralph Luedtke
07. 10-08-2018 Dick Pugh
06. 10-08-2018 George Hebaus
05. 10-08-2018 Mel Weber
04. 09-29-2018 John Martin
03. 09-08-2018 Richard L. Zarek
02. 06-24-2018 Chris Hollister
01. 06-24-2018 Bob Hollister


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