To honor the living and to commemorate the deceased who in their time have labored and contributed unselfishly toward the production, preservation and promotion of the concertina.


To elevate the image of the concertina as a musical instrument, and to establish the Hall of Fame for the concertina as a separate entity.

World Concertina Congress - WCC

The World Concertina Congress (“WCC”) has attempted to elevate the image of the chemnitzer concertina and to honor those who have labored unselfishly to produce, preserve and promote the instrument and the music it makes.

The World Concertina Congress was created in 1975 by a handful of chemnitzer concertina musicians and has grown over the years to include thousands of musicians and enthusiasts from around the world.

The organization’s Hall of Fame is not a place, but a collective idea; a means by which the instrument’s musicians honor their peers. The Hall of Fame recognizes international, national and regional chemnitzer concertina musicians, many who are models of the common man. The majority of the Hall of Fame members are local musicians who have kept the instrument alive at its grassroots level. Like few other halls of fame, the World Concertina Congress honors not only aficionados, but down to earth players whose contributions are just as important to the instrument’s preservation.

A complete list of the WCC Hall of Fame members is presented separately.

For more information about the WCC or the Hall of Fame please contact:

Bryan O’Donnell
World Concertina Congress

Bobby Danczyk
Junior Vice President

Richard Piontkowski

George Dums

Les Bondowski
Sergeant at Arms

Chris Weiss
Hall of Fame Administrator

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USConcertina.com is not the official source for information regarding the WCC. Please contact the President of the World Concertina Congress (see contact information above) for any matters concerning the organization.