Robert Storch

World Concertina Congress - WCC

Robert Storch
Hall of Fame – 1989

Robert Storch

Robert Storch of Muskegon, Michigan learned to play the concertina at the age of 10 when his father bought him his first concertina. He played on the radio in Medford, Wisconsin at the age of 14 and was playing weekly engagements. At the age of 16 he formed his own band.

Bob moved to Muskegon in 1950 and continued to entertain with his concertina. He started the Michigan Concertina Association in 1970 which by its inception encouraged others to organize concertina clubs.

Bob was always supportive of other concertina players giving constant advice and encouragement. Bob was often seen playing his concertina at senior citizen functions and nursing homes without compensation.

A past “featured player” at World Concertina Congress music festivals, Bob demonstrated a clean manicured style on the concertina.

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