Pat Robson

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Pat Robson
Hall of Fame – 1988

Pat Robson

A.R.D. (Pat) Robson ( -2005) known as Pat, of Peterborough, England, is a retired engineer with patents on heat exchangers. His interest in the concertina and other free reed instruments led him to research the London libraries, delving into the history of the Wheatstone concertina.

Pat found that Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1829 invented a mouth-blown Symphonium, a type of harmonica with buttons, no bellows, but with a promise of bellows.

Robson wrote that the real inventor of the chemnitzer, square-ended concertina is Carl F. Uhlig of Chemnitz, Germany.

Pat Robson arranged music for the concertina and handmade a chromatic bandoneon from rosewood, boxwood, brass, and stainless steel.

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