Joseph Majewski

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Joseph Majewski
Hall of Fame – 2023

Joseph Majewski

Joseph Majewski has played the chemnitzer concertina for over 60 years. He began his musical journey in Northeast Wisconsin, at eight years old by taking lessons from a traveling music teacher.

A quick learner, two years later Joseph formed a small, three-piece combo and played for his first paid performance. The band and the appreciative crowd greatly enjoyed the music and experience, inspiring Joe to begin playing more and more.

After a brief break to concentrate on school and sports, Joe returned to the concertina in the late 1960s. To improve his skills, he received more formal instruction at Mecca Music Studios in Green Bay, Wisconsin. There he began to better understand the different styles of music and how his technique could influence the concertina’s musical performance. He strived to put “feeling” into his music, and many who heard him play would say that he succeeded.

In 1972, Joseph started a band named Joey Majewski and Partners. They played for decades throughout Wisconsin. He formed lifelong relationships with many other musicians and expanded his music library to include different styles of music, much to the appreciation of his audiences. His band, rebranded as Joey and The Boys, played for over forty years at venues that included weddings, anniversaries, church picnics, dances, and music festivals.

Later in his musical career, Joseph helped a young concertina musician, Jake Starczowski, form his own band, The White Eagles. Joe mentored Jake to help him perfect his concertina performance and find his own style. Joe was invited to join the band as they played for all types of events and he is featured on the band’s recordings on the North Star Appli label.

Joe did not limit his performances to paid jobs. He was quick to donate his time and talent to perform for charitable events and fundraisers. He has lived many of the goals of the World Concertina Congress. Particularly, to preserve and promote the diverse cultural music of the concertina, and to elevate the image of the concertina as a musical instrument.

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