Henry Silberhorn

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Henry Silberhorn
Hall of Fame – 1976

Henry Silberhorn

Henry Silberhorn (1868-1962) emigrated from Bavaria to Chicago, Illinois in 1885 and began teaching music in 1890. He taught, promoted, imported and published music for the chemnitzer concertina, as well as writing instructional books for the concertina.

In 1917, the International Accordion Company opened in Chicago and manufactured several chemnitzer concertinas under the brand name Silberhorn, among others.

Silberhorn designed his own instrument, the Clarion Concertina and organized the Clarion Concertina Club in Chicago.

He was an author, composer, importer of the Clarion Concertina. He is best noted for his “Instructor for the Concertina” music books.

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