Hank Jacobs

World Concertina Congress - WCC

Hank Jacobs
Hall of Fame – 1988

Hank Jacobs

Hank Jacobs (Henry Jakubowski) (1920-2013) of Franklin, Wisconsin is a concertina virtuoso. The first concertina in Hank Jacobs’ long musical life landed there by accident. It was a gift for his older brother, Bennie, who displayed no interest in the thing. Hank just picked it up and it became a natural part of his life. He never had a lesson.

At one time he stopped his regular daily practice routine to concentrate on the bass side.

He enjoyed backing up other musicians. Hank taught concertina at the Lincoln Music House, Polonia Music, and Karpek’s.

He taught hundreds of students; some are now teachers.

Hank had a large library of classics and show tunes that were available to anyone upon request.

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