Frank Stanczewski

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Frank Stanczewski
Hall of Fame – 1977

Frank Stanczewski

Frank Stanczewski (1924-2015), also known as Frank “Crazy Fingers” Stann, started playing the concertina at the age of 8. He was taught by his uncle, Matt Pajakowski.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Frank was a regular on local Buffalo, New York radio stations WEBR and WHLD and performed on WGR-TV in the 1960s.

During World War II, Frank entertained the officers and was a member of the USO. Frank played in bands for many years and was well known for his charity work at the VA Hospital and Children’s Telethons in Buffalo.

He was a member of the Midwest and Northwest Concertina Clubs and was the first Vice President of the World Concertina Congress. He also played in the Alpine Village Concertina Club in Buffalo.

Frank was also a director of the Independent Musicians Union in Buffalo.

He was a concertina artist and was frequently featured as such. Frank’s wife Eleanor was his biggest fan and says that she comes in third next to the concertina and scouting.

Frank taught the concertina and arranged concertina music for his students and concertina clubs.

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