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Eugene Maroszek
Hall of Fame – 2021

Eugene Maroszek

Eugene A. Maroszek of Pulaski, Wisconsin, began taking concertina lessons at the age of 12 in 1971. In just one year, he had booked his first gig with his brother, Michael, on drums for a New Year’s Eve dance at the South Chase Tavern. That is when the Maroszek Bros. band was born. As time went on, Eugene’s other brothers, Frank, Alan, Scott, and Beaver (John) all joined the band, with Eugene leading on concertina. The band went on to perform in several states, including engagements at popular polka music venues in California, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and their home state of Wisconsin.

Eugene and the Maroszek Bros. have brought cheerful polka music to wedding, anniversary, and birthday parties, as well as, Oktoberfest and Polish music festivals like the famous Pulaski Polka Days in Pulaski, Wisconsin. The Maroszek Bros. have been recognized for being the only band to have played at every one of the Pulaski Polka Days, and Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker declared July 20, 2014 Maroszek Bros. Day. In 2017, the Pulaski Historical Society featured an exhibit honoring the accomplishments of the Maroszek Bros. and the musical Maroszek family.

In the 1970s, the Maroszek Bros. were regularly broadcast from events at the Danceland Ballroom (Green Bay, Wisconsin), The Stop Inn (Pulaski, Wisconsin), and the “Polka Variety Show” on WBAY TV. Eugene has been featured on concertina in the band’s five album recordings, with their latest title, “A Maroszek Bros. Christmas” being released in 2020. Eugene has mentored many young musicians, which has been instrumental to the formation of several other Wisconsin bands including, The Natural Talent (TNT), Polish Sweethearts, Polka Horizons, and Live Wire.

In addition to leading the Maroszek Bros. band, Eugene has also spent countless hours volunteering his time to expertly perform the concertina at nursing homes, public charity events, local schools, and more than 50 Polka Mass events each year.

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