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Microphone!High Fidelity Dynamic Microphone for Concertinas, Accordions and Bandoneons.

Greatly enhance the amplified sound of your concertina with a dynamic microphone. Many concertina manufacturers and technicians install this internal microphone in concertinas for professional and novice musicians as well as for the weekend hobbyist. This modern microphone design eliminates the squeak and squawk that exists with many of the old fashioned crystal microphones.

Once installed, this microphone plugs directly into an XLR (three pin) amplifier input, or simply use the included impedance matching transformer and plug into an amplifier with a 1/4 inch (TS) mono input. With this package you can plug your instrument into just about any type of amplifier or mixing board.

These high quality dynamic microphones feature a cardioid (uni-directional) polar pattern; a frequency response from 80 Hz to 12,000 Hz; an output impedance of 600 ohms (+/- 30 percent) at 1,000 Hz; and a sensitivity of -72 dB (+/- 3 dB).

Complete instructions are included with each microphone. Installation requires the use of simple hand tools and a soldering iron. Contact information for free support from a professional technician is provided to each Buyer.

The complete package of a high fidelity dynamic microphone, internal 1/4 inch jack, durable 10-foot long cable with 1/4 inch (TS) and XLR connectors, and an impedance matching transformer (XLR to 1/4 inch adaptor) is only $105.00. Shipping and handling are free for destinations within the United States.

If you already have the necessary XLR connector, XLR cable and impedance matching transformer, you can purchase the dynamic microphone alone for $65.00. Shipping and handling is free for destinations within the United States. Please note that this microphone will not operate correctly using the 1/4 inch high-impedance amplifier input. You must use the XLR low-impedance input, or the impedance matching transformer that is included with the purchase of the Microphone Kit.

For more information or to place an order, please contact Ted at tedns(at)tds(dot)net or 715.498.6204.

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Hand Straps!Isn’t it time that you replaced those old and worn hand straps on your concertina? Don’t risk damaging that expensive instrument or breaking one of those old straps during your next performance. These great-looking hand straps are made from high-quality cowhide, padded with real sheep’s wool and use nickel-plated metal buckles and snaps. The design, patterns, and tooling originated with those straps made for and used for decades by Star Concertina. These are the same straps that are now used by several manufacturers on their new concertinas.

Each strap is sized correctly for use on standard triple and quadruple reed chemnitzer concertinas and bandoneons. This is a sturdy strap, dyed black with contrasting white stitching and white wool padding. All of the hand straps are made of brand-new materials by a highly-skilled craftsman. They are individually inspected to ensure your complete satisfaction. With proper care, they will last for many years of normal use.

$55.00 per pair, which includes all shipping and handling for destinations in the Lower-48 United States. Please contact Paul at Lime Valley Concertina Leathers for information on shipping for all other locations. Considering their superior quality and sharp looks, these straps are a real value.

These hand straps are handmade by Paul Ziegler of Mankato, Minnesota. Quick delivery upon receipt of payment.

For more information or to place an order, please contact Paul at zake(at)hickorytech(dot)net or 507.340.6498.

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