Chad Przybylski

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Chad Przybylski
Hall of Fame – 2021

Chad Przybylski

Chad Przybylski of Pulaski, Wisconsin, took an interest in polka music at a very early age. He attended his first concertina music lesson at the age of five and formed his first two-piece band, the Polka Partners, when he was in the seventh grade. The next year, Chad added a third band member and introduced the band under a new name, Chad Przybylski and the Polka Rhythms. That band eventually grew to five members, and they made their first recording when Chad graduated from Pulaski High School.

Since that time, Chad Przybylski and the Polka Rhythms have recorded 11 CDs and performed on television shows broadcast from Branson, Missouri. The group has pleased polka music fans at venues throughout the Midwest and also at special musical engagements in Florida, Nevada, and Tennessee.

In 2016, Wisconsin State Representatives honored Chad with a Citation from the State Assembly for his many achievements in the polka music field and his commitment to the Pulaski community and the State of Wisconsin. In that same year, Chad was also named the Honorary Grand Marshal of Pulaski Polka Days in recognition of his 30 years of dedication to performing at the popular polka music festival.

Chad is well known for his live performances which are described as a musical exhibition and not just simply a band playing music. His high-energy showmanship makes him a beloved entertainer. Audiences leave his performances with great memories of the music and the concertina. Chad will always be known as a wonderful ambassador for the chemnitzer concertina and its fraternity of musicians.

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