Benny Dobiecki

World Concertina Congress - WCC

Benny Dobiecki
Hall of Fame – 1991

Benny Dobiecki

Benny F. Dobiecki (1920-2006) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, better known as Benny Carter, entertained in clubs, for parties, and for weddings for more than 30 years.

Mr. Dobiecki was a master repairman of the concertina and pursued his passion for music by attending the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. Benny mastered the concertina and graduated in 1939.

Following World War II, he returned to music. Many attribute his love for music and the joy he gleaned from entertaining others as the prescription that kept him full of life.

He formed the Benny Carter Orchestra, playing at countless clubs, weddings, and parties. His music was popular, motivating Dobiecki to compose and publish a favorite of his, the Carter Polka.

He was also a music teacher to approximately 60 students and in his formative years, earned a living by repairing musical instruments at the Polonia Music House.

He was well known for his arrangements and transpositions. He is best known for his Latin American music.

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