Albert Beelow

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Albert Beelow
Hall of Fame – 1992

Albert Beelow

Albert O. Beelow (1914-2003) of Algonquin, Illinois watched his father practice the concertina that he bought from the Silberhorn’s Music Store in Chicago, Illinois. Al said, “I felt that I could play but Dad was reluctant to let me. I promised not to drop it and not to take it without his permission, he gave me the concertina, but not lessons.”

Al then taught himself using the Silberhorn Instructor Books. This helped him to be proficient in the fundamentals of the concertina and music.

At fourteen, Al began to entertain solo at picnics, parties and weddings. Still in his teens, Beelow formed a band but sheet music and money were difficult to come by.

Al often walked seven miles to Patek’s Music Store where he memorized current music, hurried home, and arranged the music for the other band members.

He was on the radio; he taught and is an inspiration to many concertina players. He promoted the concertina for 68 years.

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