Supreme Concertina


Supreme ConcertinaThe Supreme Concertina is the creation of Josh Sellner of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. Josh credits several people for generously providing their time and talent to assist him with the development of this new line of chemnitzer concertinas.

In particular, Josh notes the contributions of the late, great Christy Hengel for teaching him reed-tuning skills. Ambrose Kodet for creating custom engraving templates. Fritz Lukes and Bob Novak for helping him to perfect his skills applying celluloid coverings. Rich Raclawski for providing the high-quality bellows. And Bob Novak and Mike Smieja for instructing Josh on manufacturing methods and assisting him with sourcing the necessary materials. The combined effort from this distinguished group has helped Josh manufacture an excellent concertina of “Supreme” quality.

Serial Numbers and Manufacture Dates

The following table provides the approximate year of manufacture for instruments with a serial number that falls within the range shown. Data is from Supreme Concertina records and visitor-supplied information. Date ranges will be adjusted to be more precise if and when additional data is obtained.

Serial Number : Manufacture Year

0000 – 0000 : XXXX


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