Serial Number

How To Determine The Serial Number Of Your Concertina

Some concertina manufacturers stamped the instrument’s serial number into the bottom of the hand strap bracket or palm rest. Look at the images presented here for two examples from a Patek and Star concertina. Please note that some brands, most notably chemnitzer concertinas imported from Italy and Germany, do not have a serial number from the manufacturer. If one is found on these imported instruments, it is not known to follow any special sequence or to have been recorded in any record.

A little chalk or powder rubbed onto the digits can make them easier to see. You may be able to determine the approximate year of manufacture by referencing the information provided in this website’s Manufacturer Data feature.

Patek Serial NumberStar Serial Number


Additional information can be found by browsing the Concertina History feature. Please see the Glossary of Terms feature for simple definitions for many chemnitzer concertina related terms. If you have other concertina related questions, please visit the community supported Facebook Group.