Jerry Smith


Jerry Smith ConcertinaTake a look at this beautiful chemnitzer concertina! This custom-made instrument was hand-built by Jerry Smith of Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Jerry was a master craftsman, cabinet maker and wood working instructor. Until his death in 2010, he fabricated all of the wooden components for Bob Novak’s Echo Concertina. It was this work that inspired Jerry to use his talent and experience to build this one of a kind cherry wood instrument that is modeled after the Echo Concertina design.

The only items that Jerry did not make on this instrument are the metal reeds, bellows and button action; otherwise the entire concertina was built by him. The concertina’s luxurious wood finish gives it a great vintage look, but the sound and performance rival the latest designs.

We greatly admire Jerry for this fine accomplishment. We also appreciate the contribution he made towards the promotion of the chemnitzer concertina. And what does “SAG” on the name plate stand for? It happens to be Jerry’s initials in reverse!


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Jerry Smith ConcertinaJerry Smith Concertina

Jerry Smith ConcertinaJerry Smith Concertina

Jerry Smith ConcertinaJerry Smith Concertina


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