If you have chemnitzer concertina sheet music that you would like to contribute for publication on this website, please follow the instructions below. It’s really rather easy to do!

First – Please make sure that the music can be used on our website.

  • Copyright – Make sure that the sheet music does not have a valid copyright. You can visit our Disclaimer page for more information on music copyrights.

  • Condition – Make sure that it is in good reading condition. Please try to touch up any severe marks or defects.

  • Version – Check to see if it is an exact duplicate of a sheet music title that we may already have on the website. Different versions of existing songs are welcome.

Second – Choose one of these convenient methods to send the music.

  • Upload – Don’t be scared, this is not nearly as hard as it may sound. Scan the sheet music using a scanner. Save the file with an image size no smaller than 640 pixels wide, and save the image to your computer. A GIF file type works best, but we can use most any common graphics format. Then upload the image file to us by using the convenient Contact Us form.

  • Fax – This is probably the easiest way to send sheet music! Please use the following toll number: 202.747.7667.

  • Post Mail – You can always send the sheet music through post mail service. It is a little slower, but almost always gets to us. Please Contact Us for the post mailing address.

THANK YOU! sincerely thanks everyone who has contributed sheet music, lyrics, photos, historical, or technical information for use on this website.