Music requests are shown in alphabetical order including the month that they were received. Titles emphasized with color indicates those requests most recently received.

12/2016 – Ain’t You Even Gonna Cry? (Johnny Russell)
01/2017 – Allen Polka
02/2017 – Big City (Ray Price)
01/2017 – Booze Polka
05/2017 – Cabaret
01/2017 – Cincinnati Mazurka
01/2017 – Clear Water Oberek
01/2017 – Cleveland Mazurka
02/2017 – Falling Leaves
04/2017 – I’m Going To An Old Time Polka Dance Tonight
01/2017 – Iowa Waltz
01/2017 – Loving Mother Waltz
01/2017 – My True Love Waltz
01/2017 – Nickels And Dimes Polka
12/2016 – She Used To Love Me A Lot (David Alan Coe)
02/2017 – Silver Wings (Merle Haggard)
01/2017 – Talking To Your Memory Again (Cal Smith)
01/2017 – Tea Party Waltz (Romy Gosz)
01/2017 – Which One Shall I Choose?


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